My New eBook!

My beautiful long awaited eBook is finally here! I’ve worked long and hard on this baby!




Have you ever wanted to take outstanding photographs of your friends and loved ones but always thought digital photography was too complicated? Are there too many buttons on your camera that you don’t know what they do? This new ebook, “How to shoot your family and friends and get away with it.” Will help you to improve your photography. It simplifies all the technical mumbo jumbo and makes it easy to understand. This is a great book for beginners and amateurs young or old. It will show you how to blend the technical and creative side of photography in an easy and fun way. If you have ever wanted to take my workshop but didn’t have the time or money, this book is for you. It’s basically my workshop in eBook form.




Things that are included in this book:

1.   8 assignments to reinforce learning and to help get better acquainted with your camera.

2.     Lots of images and charts to help you visually understand each concept.

3. Lots of special hints and tips throughout the book.

4. A video clip demonstrating how to work with lighting will also be included with the eBook.

5. and much, much more.

This book is a must for anyone that wants to unleash their creative side. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get this fabulous eBook … Get it today!



An “On the GO Cheat Sheet” to help you remember all the tips you learn in the book while you are out and about. This is an image that you can download to your smart phone or print out and take with you, a $27 value.


Bonus 2

A Free Article “Buliding Self Esteem in Your Child with Photographs”.

Homeschool Photography Classes


I am now enrolling for my Homeschooling Photography classes. They are for kids and teens from 7 years old on up! These are lots of fun and can be done at your own pace.

Go Here to check out all the details!

Now Enrolling – Summer Photography Workshop for Kids and Teens

Summer is approaching, and I know you are looking for fun things for your kids and teens to do. I am now enrolling students for my online summer photography workshop. It’s fun, it’s easy, they can do it on their own pace at their own time, and best of all they will be learning something! They will love it, you will love it. But I am only taking a limited amount of students this summer, so make sure to sign up now. Don’t miss out!

Click here to learn more about it and to sign up.


Online Photography Workshops for Kids and Teens

Need something fun and educational for your

kids to do this summer?

First session of classes are

June 7th – July 5th

Second session of classes are

July 12th -August 9th

Spots are limited so

Register today!

Here’s How It Works

I will email you a link to the the lesson with your username and password. Every Monday there will be a new lesson for you to watch. You will have the entire week to watch the video and complete the assignment. But don’t worry, I know summers are busy and you may be out of town.That is the beauty of an online course, you can do it almost anywhere and on your own time. You are welcome to email me and schedule late homework anytime – no questions asked.

The week the class starts I will email you with step by step instructions on how to get started. If you ever have questions feel free to email me.

The only requirement I have for this class is for your child to have a digital camera. For the Shooting Star class it’s recommended that they have access to an DSLR camera. I will also need them to be able to upload their photos so I will be able see their homework. The younger children might need help from an adult with that part.

If you have more than one kid that would like to take this workshop you can share the lessons within your family (but, only yours!),that’s ok, but I ask that only 1 set of homework be uploaded each week. If you would like for both of your children to be able to upload homework for feedback, the cost is an additional $10 per child.

Note: If you have one child in the beginning class and one in the advance class the costs stays the same simply because they will be sent different lessons and have different homework.

Shutter Bugs Online Workshop Session One

Shutter Bugs Online Workshop Session Two

Shooting Stars Online Workshop Session One

Shooting Stars Online Workshop Session Two

Additional Child