Homeschool Photography Class for Kids (ages 7-12)


This class is for kids ages 7-12.

Here’s How It Works:

I will email you a link to the class with a username and password. There will be 4 classes with a video and slides for you to watch. The student will be expected to upload each assignment onto a photo sharing web site for critiques.  If you ever have questions feel free to email me.

The Class Includes:

Four online videos with slides

Four homework assignments

Optional homework critiques by the instructor.


The only requirement I have for this class is for the student to have a digital camera. I will also need them to be able to upload their photos so I will be able see their homework.


 $ 35  Shutter Bugs Online Workshop (ages 7-12)

$10  Additional Child From the Same Family


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Photography Class for Kids (ages 7-12)

  1. Hi, I understand how the program works. This could be very fun for my son who is eleven. Thank you for offering this opportunity for home schoolers.
    I have a Nikon D80 digital camera he can use but it is the only camera available. If he successfully completes the first course could he take the second course/class even though he is only 11? Thank you for your time.

  2. This course says “for kids”. I have a 15 year old son. Is this an appropriate beginning course for him? We have a stylus 1030 SW with lots of functions we never use yet still get great pics on automatic. Thanks.

  3. I am thinking about getting this course for my grandson but I noticed you don’t see, to answer questions posted here. So naturally I wonder if you are even checking this site.

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